Teosyal® RHA 1 (1ML)


Teosyal® RHA 1 (1ML)


2 Syringes x 1ml per pack



in Teosyal® RHA 1 (1ML) is a kink filler item founded on hyaluronic corrosive intended to help the skin. Each move while assisting with saving the essentialness and delicateness of the face. Teosyal RHA 1 is planned explicitly to treat shallow and fine kinks. The item contains lidocaine, a strong sedative, for a more agreeable infusion.

It is imbued into shallow wrinkles and scant contrasts to recover the outer layer of youthful skin. Due to its definition, this dermal filler is suitable for the adaptable locale of the face (for instance sanctuary, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, perioral district, and cheeks). A couple of experts similarly use it for under-eye circles.

How Can it Work

Using novel advancement, Teoxane solidifies cross-associated hyaluronic destruction with non-changed hyaluronic destruction. Cross-associated hyaluronic destructive is more impenetrable to rot and gets through longer inside the skin diverging from ordinary hyaluronic destructive. Non-changed hyaluronic destruction helps the dermal filler by imitating the properties of ordinary hyaluronic destruction.

This licenses Teosyal RHA 1 to stretch out and change in accordance with facial advancement while supporting the skin. Furthersome this dermal filler fills and supports the skin to lessen the presence of crimps, in view of the water-upkeep properties of hyaluronic destructive.

The pack comprises:

2 x 1ml needles

Advantages OF TEOSYAL® RHA 1:

Save skin essentialness and delicate quality
Treat exceptional and fine kinks
Regions: Cheeks, nasolabial folds, temple, and crow’s feet

Dermatologists and plastic specialists use Teosyal® RHA 1 (1ML) to address the presence of shallow kinks and barely recognizable differences in the skin, on the face, neck, and neck area. This dermal filler is appropriate for the versatile regions of the face, like the cheeks, nasolabial folds, perioral region, temple, and crow’s feet, where the capacity to stretch would be a benefit. So, you can likewise utilize Teosyal RHA 1 to fill circles and under the eyes.

How long does the outcome endure?

As a general rule, results keep going for a very long time. The length relies upon the singular’s way of life, age, and skin type. But,


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