Fillderma Ultra

Fillderma Ultra



Fillderma Ultra is a sterile, viscoelastic gel of crosslinked hyaluronic acid, transparent and of synthetic origin, suitable for médium and deep wrinkles, lipoatrophy and facial fat loss.

What comes in the box?

25mg/ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid (high viscosity)
4 x 27G needles (13mm)

What can Fillderma be used for?

Medium and deep wrinkles and treatment of facial volume loss.

What are the benefits of Fillderma Ultra?

Treats nasogenian folds and marionette lines
Corrects fat loss in cheeks and chin
Máximum concentration of H.A (25 mg/ml)
Single-phase: without correction
Easy to inject and mold
Very low content in protein and endotoxins
Low risk of side effects
Highly durable and resistant to degradation
Syringes designed to provide ease of use: wider support, wide piston, thin needle and Luer-Lock cap

What do I receive in the Fillderma Ultra box?

2 x 0,8 ml pre-filled glass, sterile latex free syringes of STYLAGE S gel
4 sterile 30G½ single use needles

How long will the effect last for?

On average, the effect will last between 9 to 12 months. The overall lasting effect of STYLAGE S treatment depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type.

How far do I need to inject?

Between the top superficial layers of the skin and mid dermis layers.

What method do I use to inject?

Use the linear retro-tracing technique by inserting the needle at a 30 degree angle to the skin. Also, fan-shape retrograde injection nappage. See full instructions enclosed within box.


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