BCN DNA Liquid 8026 (10x2ml)

BCN DNA Liquid 8026 (10x2ml)



BCN DNA Liquid 8026 (10x2ml) hydrates as well as improving scarring and enhances the skin appearance with an anti-oxidant effect.

BCN DNA Liquid 8026 (10x2ml)  is a natural polymer with excellent anti-oxidant and moisturizing capabilities that protect the cell membranes from oxidative degradation. Its capacity to restore dead cells and reconstruct connective tissue stimulates the healing processes. Nucleic acid combats collagen destruction caused by sun rays, oxidative stress and tobacco. As well as being used in anti-ageing treatments to fight photoageing, DNA Liquid also enhances the skin of smokers and is able to improve a variety of conditions such as dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and hair loss.

Treats acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and hairloss.

What do I receive in the BCN DNA Liquid 8026 box?

2 x 0,8 ml pre-filled glass, sterile latex free syringes of STYLAGE S gel
4 sterile 30G½ single use needles

How long will the effect last for?

On average, the effect will last between 9 to 12 months. The overall lasting effect of STYLAGE S treatment depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type.

How far do I need to inject?

Between the top superficial layers of the skin and mid dermis layers.

What method do I use to inject?

Use the linear retro-tracing technique by inserting the needle at a 30 degree angle to the skin. Also, fan-shape retrograde injection nappage. See full instructions enclosed within box.

How concentrated is the product:


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